Trailer/Video announcement:

Over the past months, The Gyroflow development team has been working on a big surprise - a new and improved version of the video stabilization software built from the ground up with significant boosts in performance, quality, and user experience. With these changes, Gyroflow 1.0.0 can now rival existing commercial and vendor-specific stabilization offerings in terms of quality and workflow, while being significantly more flexible and of course, open source. The full list of additional features is too long for this announcement, but some highlights are:

  • Easy sync-less stabilization for GoPro Hero 8 and newer, even with Hypersmooth enabled.
  • Support for up to 16-bit footage to preserve image data for production-grade footage.
  • GPU and hardware acceleration for real time playback and blazingly fast rendering.
  • Added support for gyro data from Sony cameras in addition to previous motion data sources (GoPro, Insta360, Runcam, Drone Blackbox etc.).
  • Rolling shutter correction for very shaky footage and improved stabilization algorithms.
  • Modern multilingual user interface.
  • Native cross-platform support including Apple Silicon.

This has been made possible by Adrian Eddy, who has worked tirelessly on adapting the previous Python codebase to high-performance Rust code with advanced features and a modern UI, plus many previous contributors returning to discuss, test, debug, and implement additional ideas for improving the software. None of this would be possible without the help and support of everyone involved, including users of the previous beta versions who provided invaluable feedback from both hobby and industry perspectives.

Updated downloads, detailed documentation, and instructions are linked from the homepage:

Moving forwards, Gyroflow and related projects can be found on the Gyroflow organisation: Development is ongoing and issues are expected, so always check existing issues before reporting a bug. Furthermore.

For general support, discussion, and user feedback, the best place is the Discord server where all the developers hang out: